Course Outline


Day One

•             Introduction to what is a Press Conference

•             When to Hold Press Conference 

•             Why is a press conference important

•             Pros and Cons of a Press Conference

•             Press Conferences in Business

Day Two

•             Planning a Press Conference

•             Write and distribute the press release

•             Execution of a press conference

•             Managing the press conference 

•             Handling the Media Enquiries


  • Role-playing
  • Self-assessment tests
  • Exercises in groups
  • Individual work
  • Practice sessions
  • Lectures
  • Discussions



  • Understand the principles of effective of Press Conference. 
  • Important of Press Conference.  
  • Develop strategic approaches in Planning and Managing Press Conference
  • Understand the use of tools such as press releases, press kits to support publicity programs
  • Organize and manage press conferences to achieve maximum results
  • Deal with the media in interview and Q&A situations 



  • Prerequisites:

    There are no specific requirements needed to attend this course.

    Who should attend

    •            Managers and Executives

    •            Executive who need to gain a better understanding of PR tools like press releases, press kits and press


    •            Those who wish to learn how to handle media interviews to achieve positive results

    •            Media or Event Corporate Representatives

    •            Professionals wishing to pursue a career  in  public relations to better achieve organizational goals

    •            New Hirers

 14 Hours

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