Course Outline

Lesson 1: Querying with unions and advanced joins

  • Querying multiple tables with unions
  • Advanced Joins
  • Calculating with COMPUTE

Lesson 2: Querying with subqueries

  • Subqueries

Lesson 3: Adding data

  • Inserting data

Lesson 4: Updating and removing data

  • Updating records
  • Deleting records
  • Deleting the contents of tables

Lesson 5: Manipulating tables and views

  • Creating tables
  • Modifying tables
  • Deleting tables
  • Adding and removing views

Lesson 6: Manipulating indexes

  • Adding and removing indexes

Lesson 7: Ensuring data integrity with transactions

  • Transactions

Lesson 8: Creating databases

  • Creating a database with SQL
  • Deleting a database


SQL: Fundamentals of Querying or equivalent knowledge.

  14 Hours


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