Course Outline


Java Basics

  • Syntax and logic
  • Statements, variables, arrays, etc.

Android Studio

  • Processes and components used in Android Studio
  • Android Studio files vs Java files

Preparing the Development Enviroment

  • Installing and configuring Android Studio

Code in Java

  • Working with Java strings, numbers, methods, etc.
  • Creating a Java module

Java on Android

  • Using classes for Android
  • Using inheritance in Java for Android
  • Hiding and encapsulating data

Android Activities

  • Understanding the Android Activity Lifecycle
  • Setting up a layout
  • Using activities without buttons
  • Creating a second Android Activity
  • Passing data between activities

Android Layouts

  • Working with graphics and drawables
  • Creating custom buttons
  • Using fragment manager
  • Loading fragments

GPS and Maps

  • Working with Google Maps
  • Creating and customizing a map
  • Obtaining and displaying user locations


  • Setting up a layout and creating fragments
  • Working with menu systems
  • Using cursors
  • Decoding paths

REST on Android

  • Working with JSON on Android
  • Creating an API service
  • Passing data to the API
  • Parsing JSON

Google Play Store Deployment

  • Understanding App Store Search Engine (ASO) key strategies
  • Preparing an application for Google Play Store standards
  • Uploading the application
  • Optimizing ASO

Summary and Conclusion


  • A basic understanding of object-oriented programming.


  • Android Developers
  21 Hours


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