Course Outline


  • What's new in Angular 7?

Angular CLI

  • Generating Components, Modules and Services
  • Editing generated files for development
  • Customizing CLI with Bootstrap, Material and Clarity

RxJS and Observables

  • Using RxJS and Observables to handle complex asynchroneous events

Advanced Routing

  • Routing in Angular 7 Single Page Applications
  • Lazy Loading and Pre-Loading Routing

Advanced Dependency Injection

  • Provider Registration
  • Constructor with Parameters
  • Hierarchical Dependency Injection

Advanced Pipes

  • Using PipeTransform
  • Pipes and Change Detection
  • Pure and Impure Pipes

Change Detection Strategy

  • Types of detection


  • Prevention of Cross-site Scripting (XSS)
  • Sanitizations
  • Authentication with JSON Web Tokens


  • Jasmine Test Framework and Karma
  • Continuous Integration
  • Service Tests
  • Angular Route Guards
  • Component DOM testing
  • Attribute Directive Testing
  • Pipe Testing

Best Practices


Summary and Conclusion


  • Familiarity with basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Experience with Angular.


  • Developers
  28 Hours


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