Course Outline

Introduction to Apache Drill

How does Apache Drill compare to Spark SQL, Hive and Impala?

Overview of Apache Drill Features and Architecture

  • Apache Drill Components

Performing SQL Queries in Apache Drill

Understanding Data Types and Formats

Working with Schemas

Case Study and Exercise: Querying Sales Data for the Year

Performing Queries on JSON Data

Combining Data Types in SQL Queries

Creating and Dropping Tables and Views

Using Nested Data and Window Functions

Performing Data Analysis with Apache Drill

Case Study and Exercise: Analyzing the Results of a Marketing Campaign

Designing a Query Plan in Apache Drill

Optimizing Queries in Apache Drill

Integrating Apache Drill with MS Excel

Using Apache Drill ODBC/JDBC drivers to plug into Tableau, MicroStrategy, Qlikview, etc.

Case Study and Exercise: Visualizing the Data and the Power of a Good Story

Understanding Apache Drill's Decentralized Security Model

Apache Drill Performance and Debugging

Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of Hadoop, NoSQL, and other data storage concepts
  • Experience with writing SQL queries
  • Experience with Linux command line
  21 Hours


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