Course Outline

Introduction to Apache Drill

How does Apache Drill compare to Spark SQL, Hive and Impala?

Overview of Apache Drill Features and Architecture

  • Apache Drill Components

Understanding Apache Drill Queries

  • Query Execution Process

Performing SQL Queries

  • Connecting to the data source
  • Querying the data

Using the Drill Web Console

  • Query, Profiles, Storage, Metrics, Threads, and Options

Performance Optimization Strategy

  • Identifying the source of performance issues
  • Analyzing Query Plans and Profiles

Apache Drill Query Optimization

  • Optimizing a Query

Limiting the Data that Drill Reads

  • Partitioning the data (partition pruning)

Apache Drill Logging and Debugging

  • Analyzing Drill Error Messages
  • Configuring Log File Options

Troubleshooting Apache Drill

Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of Hadoop, NoSQL, and other data storage concepts
  • A general understanding of SQL queries
  • Experience with Linux command line
  7 Hours


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