Course Outline


  • Introducing Big Data : Evolutions over the years
  • The Characteristics of Big Data
  • Identifying Different Sources of Big Data
  • How Big Data Is Used in Business ?


The challenges of Big Data

  • Identifying the Challenges of Big Data : Current and Emerging Challenges
  • Why Businesses are Struggling with Big Data ?
  • State of Big Data Projects
  • Understanding the layers of big data architecture
  • The Big Data Management - Introduction
  • Defining capabilities of big data management
  • Overcoming obstacles with big data management


Building Blocks of an Efficient Big Data Management

  • The Big Data Laboratory versus Big Data Factory
  • Understanding the Three Pillars of Data Management
  • Data Integration
  • Data Governance
  • Data Security
  • Understanding functions of Big Data Management Processes
  • Competencies of the Big Data Team


Implementing Big Data Management

  • Implementing the Big Data Management
  • Identifying Big Data Tools
  • Leveraging the Right Tools
  • What are Commercial Tools built atop Open Source Projects ?
  • How to combine Integration, Governance and Security ?


Conclusion - Tips for Succeeding with Big Data Management

  • Use Cases to provide Business Value
  • Identifying Data Quality Issues Early
  • Aligning Your Vocabulary
  • Centralizing and Automating your Data Management
  • Leveraging Data Lakes
  • Collaborative Methods for Data Governance
  • Using a 360-Degree View on your Data and Relationships
  • How to work with Vendors to Accelerate Your Deployments ?


There are no specific requirements needed to attend this course.

  14 Hours


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