Course Outline


  • Overview of a CCTV system
  • Types of CCTV systems
  • Analog vs. IP CCTV systems

System Installation

  • Camera hardware installation
  • Site plan
  • Cabling
  • Installing cameras

Set-up and Configuration

  • Configuring video recorder
  • Setting up CCTV system for remote viewing
  • POE switch-powered cameras
  • Backing up system recordings


  • IP CCTV features
  • video resolution and video compression
  • bit rate and frame per second
  • WDR vs. BLC
  • POE class
  • CCTV camera lens types
  • IP and IK ratings

Recorder Management and Configuration

  • Understanding Network Video Recorder (NVR)
  • NVR hard disk or RAID storage
  • Calculating storage and bandwidth requirements
  • NVR installation walkthrough
  • Continuous and scheduled recording
  • Motion detection
  • Video playback and review
  • User account management

Cables and Adapters

  • Optical and data cables
  • Maximum cable distances
  • BNC
  • Passive and active balun
  • Power source
  • Centralized power distribution unit


Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic network cabling and troubleshooting knowledge
  • Understanding of LAN and WAN


  • Security managers
  14 Hours


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