Course Outline


Setting up Pivotal Greenplum

Overview of Pivotal Greenplum Features and Architecture

Accessing Data

  • DDL, DML, and DQL

Implementing a Table Storage Model

  • Understanding tablespaces
  • Compressing table data

Distributing the Data

  • Distribution keys and partitioning
  • Managing joins and indexing

Loading Data

  • Table partitioning

OLAP Querying

  • Implementing Greenplum functions

Modeling the Data

  • Physical design considerations

Expanding the System

  • Adding nodes
  • Migrating data

Monitoring a Greenplum system

  • Database activity and performance

Performance Tuning

  • Optimizing queries
  • Optimizing SQL joins
  • Indexing optimization

Greenplum Best Practices


Summary and Conclusiond


  • An understanding of database concepts.


  • Developers
  21 Hours


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