Course Outline


  • Lean IT: the intersection of Lean, Six Sigma, and Information Systems.
  • How economic pressure to reduce costs affect the organization
  • Proliferation of online transactions
  • Green IT

What is Waste?

  • Different types of waste
  • Waste in IT operations

Principles of Lean IT

  • Value streams
    • Services provided by the IT group to the parent organization
  • Value-stream mapping
    • Diagramming and analyzing services
  • Flow
    • Just-in-time systems and integration
    • Flow vs waste
  • Pull/Demand systems
    • Handling service requests


  • Server provisioning -  case assignment
  • Software development APIs - case assignment

The Challenges of Lean

  • Resistance to change
    • The fear of job loss
  • Fragmented IT departments
    • Managing cumulative waste across technology silos

Analysis Concepts, Techniques and Tools

  • Observing processes
  • Measuring performance
  • Quantifying innovation
  • Understanding the key aspects of a KPI
  • Time as a critical factor in IT


  • Measuring the current state of an IT department

Implementing a Lean IT Strategy in Your Organization

  • Reference implementations
    • Adapting manufacturing theory to digital service processes
  • Value-stream visualization
    • Kanban cards
    • Visualizing the digital, intangible and abstract
    • Tools and techniques
  • Integration of lean production and lean consumption
    • Integrating the entire supply chain, including consumption


  • Identifying value streams
    • Preparing interviews and questionnaires
    • Creating a value stream map

Deployment and Commercial Support

  • Outsourcing application development and maintenance (ADM)
  • Automating provisioning services
  • Performance monitoring


  • Processing tickets - case assignment

Complementary Methodologies

  • Agile, Scrum and lean software development
  • Six Sigma
  • Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
  • Universal Service Management Body of Knowledge (USMBOK)

Future Rrends in Business and IT

Closing Remarks


  • Experience in IT.
  • Knowledge of basic operations concepts.


  • Managers and specialists working in an IT Organization
 14 Hours

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