Course Outline


Overview of the Localization Process

  • Internationalization, localization, and translation

Overview and Installation of Localization Libraries

  • js libraries for client side localization
  • JavaScript Intl API components (yahoo/react-intl, etc.).

Setting up a Sample React App

  • Adding react-i18next to the project

Setting up Locale for Supported Languages

  • Overview of localization elements (date, time, number, etc.).

Exposing UI Text for Translation

  • Extract message IDs from source code
  • Wrapping components with translate() function
  • Adding a namespace

Translating UI Text

  • Defining translations for string IDs
  • Editing and loading JSON translation files

Generating Translations

  • Loading translations at compile time
  • Loading translations at runtime
  • Accessing translations using keys

Selecting Which Language to Display

  • Selecting a language detector plugin
  • Building your own selection button
  • Setting up automatic language detection

Updating and Maintaining JSON Files

  • Using Translation Editors (BabelEdit, OmegaT, etc.)
  • Evaluating features and usability

Working with Translators

  • Exchanging JSON Files with translators
  • Exporting content to Excel, Sheets, etc.
  • Establishing a handoff/handback system (instructions, approval/revision cycle, etc.)
  • Establishing a payment system for freelance translators and agencies

Working with Machine Translation

  • Accessing machine translations through Google and Bing Translation APIs

Working with Translation Memories

  • Leveraging previous human translations

Maintaining and Improving Content

  • Revision cycle
  • Author <> translator collaboration
  • Adjusting translated content for SEO.

Other Localization Approaches

  • Using react-localize-redux as a light weight solution

Optimizing the Localization Process

  • Automating the localization process
  • Working with a TMS (Translation Management System)


Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience developing React applications


  • Developers
  7 Hours


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