Course Outline

Business Process Management Awareness

  • Configuring, measuring, and reporting KPIs
  • Advanced BMM modeling
  • and Leveraging existing assets within IT

Advanced Business Process Modeling with BPMN

  • Improving or optimizing BPMN models
  • Tuning a BPMN model for implementation
  • BPEL fundamentals
  • BAM Awareness
  • Relationship of ESB to Business Process
  • and Process Documentation topics including BP Use Cases
  • Technical Specifications from BP Models
  • and Business Process Analysis

Understanding Metamodeling Concepts

  • Metamodeling enables precise specification independent of notation
  • Metamodeling enables an interoperable repository for models

Enterprise Architecture

  • Service-Oriented design concepts
  • Service-oriented design patterns
  • Design of services
  • Meeting GRC requirements
  • Designing and building auditable Business Processes

Business Rules

  • PRR Awareness
  • Rete Algorithm

Implementation and Integration

  • Integration Components and Adapters including ERP, CRM, SaaS, and Integrating Legacy Systems
  • Integrating Business Intelligence and Analytics including Data Warehousing

Vendor Selection and Marketplace Topics

  • Scenario-based assessment
  • Cost/Benefit analysis / ROI
  • RFP analysis
  • Fitting tools to a task


OCEB Technical Intermediate Certification is REQUIRED!

  7 Hours


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