Course Outline


Overview of Java Platform Enterprise Edition

  • How is Java EE different from Java SE?

Overview of Java Enterprise Edition 8

  • Features and Architecture of Java EE 8

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Ideal System Requirements For Running Java EE 8

Installing and Configuring Java Enterprise Edition 8

  • Core Performance Components of Java EE 8

Overview of Parallel Optimization in Java EE 8

Measuring the Performance of a Java EE 8-Compliant Application

  • Guidelines, Profilers, and Other Developer Tools

Optimizing a Java EE 8-Compliant Application

  • Basic Optimization
  • Advanced Optimization

Optimizing the Source Code of Java EE 8-Compliant Applications

  • Managing Caches and Memory Levels

Employing Concurrency in Java EE 8

  • Implementing Asynchronous Behavior in an  Application
  • Multithreading Models for Java EE 8-Compliant Applications

Monitoring Java EE 8 Processes

Testing for Application Errors

  • Load and Stress Tests

Debugging Applications in Java EE 8 Environment

Deploying the Optimized Java EE 8-Compliant Application

Utilizing the Java EE 8 Security Specifications


Summary and Conclusion


  • Java programming experience
  • Advance knowledge of JavaScript frameworks
  • Experience with Java virtual machine, libraries, and toolkits
  • Extensive background in asynchronous programming
  • Experience with troubleshooting Java programs
  • Knowledge of RESTful APIs and servlets
  • An understanding of high-performance computing concepts


  • Developers
  14 Hours


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