Course Outline


  • Enabling Lightweight Virtualization with PouchContainers

Overview of Linux Container Technology

Overview of PouchContainer Features and Architecture

Understanding the Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface (CRI)

Kubernetes Pods and the Container Lifecycle

PouchContainer vs Other OCI Container Runtimes

Installing and Configuring PouchContainer

Using the PouchContainer CLI and RPC Calls

Running the PouchContainer Runtime

Client-side Tool vs Server-side Daemon

Managing Images and Containers

Distributing Container Images Using Dragonfly

Managing Storage

Managing the Network and System

Working with the PouchContainer API

Interoperating among Multiple Runtimes


Summary and Conclusion


  • Familiarity with the Linux command line
  • A basic understanding of virtualization concepts
  • An understanding of networking concepts


  • Developers
  21 Hours


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