Course Outline

1.    Augmented Reality
Introduction to augmented reality
Augmented and virtual reality
AR operations

2.    Installation
Installing and using Unity
Using ARToolkit
Using Vuforia

3.     The Application
Selecting the toolkit 
Using Unity
 iOS Host
Microsoft HoloLens

4.     Augmented Project 
Planning and Set up
Selection of image target
Including objects
Using ARToolkit
Implementing for iOS devices and HoloLens

5.     AR application example
Planning and setting up the project
Building the scene
Adding other objects

6.     User Interface
Setting up the project
Creating the User Interface 
Creating a Controller
Loading Data model 
Adding graphics 

7.     Augmenting using Vuforia
User criteria
Augmented Reality Prompt
Instructions Panel 
Creating augmented graphics
Holographic Content

8.     Mixed Reality Toolkit
Creating a toolbar framework
User Interface
Spatial mapping
Frame and Image menus
framed Picture management
Implementation with Vuforia

  21 Hours


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