Course Outline


  • Overview of security management
  • Understanding legal guidance

Personnel Management

  • Managing security supervisors
  • Enhancing security acceptance of staff
  • Using a scheduling manager
  • Health and safety measures

Program Management

  • Managing access control
  • Handling reports and reporting
  • Audits and compliance enforcement
  • Security awareness and Emergency management

Managing Security

  • Developing security risks assessments
  • Security risk management cycle
  • Creating effective security plans
  • Site and vehicle security
  • Creating operational contingency plans
  • Managing in-country travel security
  • Handling security incidents
  • Enhancing team resilience and well-being

Hostile Environment Management

  • Planning security strategies
  • Managing organizational threats
  • Environment security risk assessment
  • Situational awareness
  • Aggression response
  • Handling sexual violence
  • Handling kidnapping and detention

Security Management Best Practices

Summary and Next Steps


  • No prerequisites required


  • Security professionals
  14 Hours


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