Course Outline

SOA & Impact on Business

SOA Concepts

  • Anatomy of an Enterprise
  • IT Nightmare
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Componentization and Reuse
  • Benefits of Service Orientation
  • Defining SOA
  • Aligning the Enterprise
  • What s a Service?
  • Service Actors
  • Service Layering

Layers of Service

  • What Is Layering?
  • SOA Layers
  • Layering Illustration
  • Data Storage Layer
  • Application Logic Layer
  • Adapter Layer
  • Application Service Layer
  • Business Service Layer
  • Orchestration Layer
  • Aux: Data Service Layer
  • Aux: Security Service Layer
  • Layering Concepts
  • Layering Rules of Thumb

SOA Service Life Cycle

  • SOA Adoption
  • Adoption Stages
  • Managing Services
  • SOA Service Life Cycle Overview
  •  SOA s Circle of Life
  • Discovery Phase
  • Analysis & Design Phase
  • Implementation Phase
  • Deployment Phase
  • Monitor Phase
  • Retirement Phase

How a Requirement Becomes a Service

  • How a Requirement Becomes a Service
  • Requirements Discovery
  • Analysis and Design
  • Development
  • New requirements
  • Discovery
  • Analysis & Design
  • Service Developments

Technical Foundations XML, WSD and SOAP

XML foundation for web services

  • XML Information Set
  • XML Namespaces
  • XML Schema: Types & Message Structures


  • Anatomy of a Web Service Contract
  • Abstract Description Design
  • Concrete Description Design

WSDL and WS-*

  • WS-Policy o Policy Structure o Composite Rules o Attaching Policies to WSDL
  • WS-Addressing

SOAP Message Design

  • SOAP Message Structure
  • Nodes and Roles
  • SOAP Intermediaries
  • Fault Messages


  • WS-Security
  • WS-Transaction

Advanced XML schema (optional)

  • Message Flexibility, Type inheritance, Composition
  • Reusability, Relational Design, Industry schema
  • Modularization, Extensibility

Advanced WSDL (optional)

  • Message Dispatch, Service instance identification
  • Policy centralization
  • Custom policy assertion


  • Versioning XML schema
  • Versioning WSDL contracts

Service implementation with Java

Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) (optional is attendees are familiar with JAXP)

  • DOM, SAX, & javax.xml.parsers
  • STAX &
  • XSLT & javax.xml.transform

Java Architecture for XML binding (JAXB)

  • Overview and Architecture
  • Generating Java Classes from XML Schema
  • Customizing Generated Java
  • Generating XML Schema from Annotated Java Classes
  • Web Services, WSDL, JAXB

SOAP with Attachments API for Java (SAAJ)

  • SAAJ Overview, Message Structure and API
  • Creating/Sending Messages
  • DOM Overview
  • Using DOM with SAAJ
  • Soap Handlers

Java API for XML-Based Web Services JAX-WS

  • Related specifications: JAXB, SOAP, WSDL, WS-I Basic Profile 1.1, Annotations, JSR 109, Web Services Security (JSR 183)
  • WSDL to Java and Java to WSDL Mapping
  • Building clients with generated stubs
  • Asynchronous clients with callback or polling
  • MessageContext and WebServiceContext
  • Handler for payload and protocol
  • Engaging of handlers on a service, a port or the protocol layer
  • Non-HTTP Transport
  • Message Access and Session Management

Handling Binary Data (optional)

  • Overview and Issues
  • Default Handling
  • MTOM Overview
  • Using MTOM in Services and Clients
  • Using DataHandler

Value of SOA / ROI

SOA Value Proposition

  • The Value of SOA
  • Reducing Integration Expense
  • Integration Costs Illustration
  • Ripple effect of changes
  • Value of SOA Layering
  • Integration Costs
  • Asset Reuse
  • SOA Economics/ROI
  • Increasing Business Agility
  • SOA Agility vs Traditional EAI Approach
  • Reducing Business Risk
  • SOA Eases Compliance Risk
  • Business Advantages
  • ROI Quantification Hurdles


Attendees must have an understanding of Java and XML technologies.
  35 Hours


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