Course Outline


TensorFlow.js Overview

  • What is TensorFlow.js
  • TensorFlow features
  • Math operations and memory management

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring TensorFlow.js

Running TensorFlow.js

  • Running TensorFlow.js on a browser
  • Running TensorFlow.js under Node.js

Data Preparation

  • Reading and writing to data
  • Preparing features
  • Labeling data
  • Normalizing data
  • Splitting data into test data and training data

Machine Learning Models

  • Creating a model
  • Creating layers
  • Compiling a model

Training and Testing

  • Training models
  • Testing models

Predictions and Regressions

  • Integrating a UI
  • Loading a model
  • Visualizing predictions
  • Creating regressions


  • Working with binary classification
  • Working with multi-class classification

Summary and Conclusion


  • JavaScript programming experience


  • Data Scientists
  14 Hours


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