Course Outline

Introduction to Tinc VPN

Overview of Tinc VPN Features and Architecture

  • Encryption, Authentication, and Compression
  • Automatic Full Mesh Routing
  • NAT Traversal
  • Easy Expansion of VPN
  • Bridging Ethernet Segments
  • Multi-OS Support

Installing and Configuring Tinc VPN

Running Tinc VPN

  • Runtime Options
  • Signals
  • Debug Levels
  • Solving Problems
  • Error Messages
  • Sending Bug Reports

Controlling Tinc VPN

  • Tinc Environment Variables
  • Tinc Commands

Adding New Nodes to an Existing VPN Using Invitations

Deploying a Three-Node Tinc Mesh VPN

Using Tinc VPN for Centralized Cloud Interconnection


Summary and Conclusion


  • Basic networking experience
  14 Hours


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