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grmcfun Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) Fundamentals 21 hours Course goal: To ensure that an individual has the core understanding of GRC processes and capabilities, and the skills to integrate governance, performance management, risk management, internal control, and compliance activities. Overview: GRC Basic terms and definitions Principles of GRC Core components, practices and activities Relationship of GRC to other disciplines   Day One GRC Fundamentals Training Course Overview GRC Capability Model –Introduction GRC Key Definitions Day Two Learn Component Align Component Perform Component Day three Review Component GRC standards and frameworks GRC applications and technology GRC certifications
GDPR1 GDPR Workshop 7 hours This one-day course is for people looking for a brief outline of the GDPR – General Data Protection Regulations coming out May 25, 2018. This is ideal for managers, department heads, and employees who need to understand the basics of the GDPR. What is the GDPR What is personal data / sensitive data Picking your team Understanding GDPR terms Privacy by design and privacy by default Appointing a team Choosing the people to help with GDPR (legal, marketing, IT, hr) What is a DPO and do you need one Permissions Determine if it’s personal data Who can access data How and where data is stored i.e. electronically or paper-based Securing data Rights and obligations Data Subjects and their rights Controller’s obligations Processor’s obligations Dealing with data requests International data transfers What is a data breach Fines and penalties Third-party services Internatinal data transfers Developing policies and procedures (legal issues) Creating a data privacy policy for employees and clients Document legal basis for having the data Establish codes of conduct for collecting and handling data Examine outside third-party contracts with other suppliers Maintenance Updating data – you need to ensure data you hold is updated Update privacy notices and procedures as GDPR changes Update contracts as needed.
GDRPAd GDPR Advanced 21 hours This is more in-depth and would be for those working a great deal with the GDPR and who may be appointed to the GDPR team. This would be ideal for IT, human resources and marketing employees and they will deal extensively with the GDPR. Data privacy impact assessment What this is and why you need to do this Examining existing data The role of the DPO and do you need one. Key legislation Risk management framework Data mapping Dealing with cloud providers Demonstrating compliance Developing data collection policies and procedures Developing permission policies and procedures. Developing data loss prevention and data breach strategies and management programs How to proceed and how to address individuals’ requests and complaints Employees’ training and awareness program Anonymizing and pseudo-anonymizing data Maintenance Data inventory and data transfer mechanism Track legislation changes etc. Monitor data handling practices Internal audits and assessments – also ad-hoc in case of an event Documentations, certifications, accreditations etc. Security risks Look at existing security measures Integrate the new GDPR with security measures (intrusion detection, firewalls) Maintain human resources security (pre-screening, referencing paper-based files) Implement data protection into information security policy Establish data loss prevention strategy Conduct regular tests Data Breach management program What to do if you have a data breach Create a data privacy incident / breach response plan Maintain a log of incidents Create a policy for a data breach Appoint a forensic investigation team. 

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