Title Testimonial
Certified Agile Tester • The creative training games. • The practical exercises that gave us the chance to practice and understand core principles. • The trainer was professional and passionate.
Power BI Offering a more in-depth scope about Power BI more than any training institute that i came across to.
Applying SysML with MAGICDRAW Informative
Applying SysML with MAGICDRAW Excellent trainer, practical knowledge being passed on, easy to understand, links to application of the skills in real scenarios
Applying SysML with MAGICDRAW Actaully working with the tool. Understanding different etchniques
Applying SysML with MAGICDRAW Filip was very engaging and easy to interact with. Made everyone feel comfortable during exercises. Provided great individual focus.
Applying SysML with MAGICDRAW The subject was well taught and there was a good coverage of topics. Examples were clear and effective to read from.
Applying SysML with MAGICDRAW delivery of training was interactive and interesting to follow
Applying SysML with MAGICDRAW I enjoyed seeing the examples used in magicdraw. It helped show the very high level concepts presented in the lectures into more accessible and understandable examples.
Applying SysML with MAGICDRAW Trainer was friendly and knowledgeable about the subject. Kept the course interesting and light hearted.
Applying SysML with MAGICDRAW I enjoyed how we split into groups to do activities and shared with the class. This helped understand the different ways SysML can be utilised, and getting immediate feedback from Filip.
Applying SysML with MAGICDRAW Filip was great, very approachable and knowledgable on sysML and associated tools. Highly recommended.
Power BI for Business Analysts training exercise
Python Fundamentals Very good support during the exercises. Trainers had excellent knowledge of the subject
Systems and Service Architecture - Microservices Architecture I commend his training style of reaching out to the delegates individually and discussing a short introduction first on a subject whenever necessary before going into detail. Lastly, for providing suggestions and references related to the training that we can use in the future.
Credit Risk Management for Consumer Lending Doing the case study was particularly helpful.. The self awareness bit was an eye opener.. all in all a great training session.
Systems and Service Architecture - Microservices Architecture The trainer is very approachable and knowledgeable about the subject. Looking forward to be trained again by this amazing guy.

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