Tom Erik White

"Getting the overview of NAF itself and how NAF fit's in to the bigger picture. What to do and not to do. Good EA exercise. Useful for our company and excellent for me as a noose on SESAR. Impressive to see the speed with which the trainer reads UML and models in general. Working at high level, but at the same time keeping down to earth and showing practical use. "

Course: Nato Architecture Framework (NAF)

Elmer Tuz

"Practice exercises were great and the help given by the trainer was excellent."

Course: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using UML

Sonya Robbe

"The training pace and kindness of the Trainer. Very interesting training. "

Course: Excel Advanced

Richard Burgos

"The interaction and enthusiasm he had about the training. "

Course: Design Patterns in PHP

Victor Cayetano

"The New content I learned."

Course: Design Patterns in PHP

Jason Wu

"I mostly was benefit from the exercise."

Course: Design Patterns in PHP

Jorgen Ordonez

"I like the support of the trainer and the topics. I came in with a mindset thinking this will be nothing new that I haven't done. But I was surprised of what all I have learned throughout this course. Thank you."

Course: Design Patterns in PHP

Joseph Richardson

"Lots of exercises, which were good and which were well-administered. "

Course: Introduction to Drools 6 for Developers

Joanna Begier

"I was benefit from the way of providing training, tools which were used during the training. Trainer flexibility. "

Course: BPM Essentials

Nigel Baker

"Deep knowledge and coverage of the subject. Good delivery and presentation. Respectful and engaging with the audience. Very nice person. "

Course: RabbitMQ

Melissa Harrison

"I was very lucky to have one-to-one training and it gave me a good grounding in the subject as well as exploring some of my real use-cases that were really complex."

Course: XQuery

Rebecca Waters

"That each technique was explained and demonstrated first before we tried this ourselves. "

Course: Adobe Premiere Pro Basics

Hellen Norman

"I really was benefit from all of it!."

Course: Adobe Premiere Pro Basics

Sandeep Parashar

"I liked the examples and the way he explained."

Course: VBA For Access & Excel

Daria Rudin

"The explanation way and including tips on the best practices in VBA/Access, encouraging via exercise to think more by ourselves on how to solve the problem rather than giving ready solutions."

Course: VBA For Access & Excel

Parminder Flora

"I liked the fact I was able to provide some input into what subjects areas I expected on the course, hence the trainer made some alterations to include them."

Course: RabbitMQ

Christine Weiler

"Tamil was exceptionally patient and very helpful in figuring out solutions to real needs. He was also very honest about if he didn't know something from the top of his head, which enabled us to quickly jump on in the training and we didn't lose time. "

Course: VBA For Access & Excel

Neghat Khan

"The material covered was interesting and the trainer was knowledgeable."

Course: Modelling and Forecasting for Government

Ray Rusike

"Good rapport with the audience, good & accessible explanation/presentation and he relates 'tech' stuff to real life examples which makes things easier to understand."

Course: Modelling and Forecasting for Government

Jennifer Hamperl

"It was very good to have a 1-on-1 Training with Slawomir. He was able to answer all my questions and provided plenty of examples and assistance to apply what he taught. "

Course: Excel Advanced

Jonathan Harrison

"I was benefit from the excellent knowledge of the trainer, useful examples."

Course: Modelling and Forecasting for Government

Rani Nandra

"The topics were relevant to my role and I will be able to use this immediately in my work and in the future. "

Course: Modelling and Forecasting for Government

bonnie lee

"It is good to have hands-on exercises after lectures."

Course: AngularJS Good Practices

Philip Herbert

"Leila was really friendly and made sure everyone on the course felt comfortable with what they were doing. "

Course: Performance Testing with LoadRunner

Antony Ho

"I liked the code examples and the elaboration. "

Course: AngularJS Good Practices

John Howlett

"I generally liked the kubernetes Architecture."

Course: Docker and Kubernetes

Filip Dudek

"I enjoyed the practice exercises and doing VBA examples together."

Course: MS Excel - Intermediate level (customized)

Roaa Rasheed

"• The creative training games. • The practical exercises that gave us the chance to practice and understand core principles. • The trainer was professional and passionate. "

Course: Certified Agile Tester

Olivier Pugliesi-Conti

"I generally was benefit from the interaction and flexibility."

Course: Communicating and Influencing - For Managers and Team Leaders

Aidan Thomas

"I genuinely liked learning a new skill."

Course: Implementation and Administration of Elasticsearch

Roberto Campesato - CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research

"Nice Linux based training environment, a lot of examples and good web based documentation."

Course: Introduction to Drools 6 for Developers

Altran UK

"The engaging method of teaching ensured that all attending the course were involved in the learning to process."

Course: Software Engineering

Altran UK

"Covered a wide range of topics - more than I would have expected in a Software Engineering lecture (such as some details on programming, safety critical systems etc.)."

Course: Software Engineering

Patrick Muls

"It brought me a better understanding of the roles of trunk, branches, and tags, and of the way SVN can help us keep clean development paths along different axes. "

Course: Subversion for Users

Krzysztof Woźniak


Course: Microsoft Office Excel - poziom zaawansowany

Jaeanne St. Pierre

"I liked the small group, 1 on 1 attention. Felt comfortable asking questions. "

Course: Test Automation with Selenium

Daniel Watkins

"The trainer focused on each persons requirements for the course and tuned the material to suit our goals. "

Course: Visual Studio with VB.Net


"Learned a lot of practical material. The exercises were very practical as well. "

Course: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using UML

quentin yeung

"I was benefit from reviving old files from previous revisions."

Course: Subversion for Advanced Users

Nigel Clutterbuck

"The fact that it wasn't just done in windows that it actually made use of the command line as we may not always have windows to work with. "

Course: Subversion for Advanced Users

Abdul Zaheer

"I was benefit from the hands-on. Lots of help. Lots of space for asking questions and getting answers. "

Course: Node.js for JavaScript Developers

Yongching Tee

"Examples were relate able."

Course: Node.js for JavaScript Developers

David Jaggie

"I felt it was the right mix of lecture and practical application. "

Course: Node.js for JavaScript Developers

Connor Brierley-Green

"I preferred the exercise and learning about the nooks and crannies of Python."

Course: Python Programming

Randy Enkin

"Joey has an infectious enthusiasm about programming. And he was very good at adapting to our needs and interests on the fly. "

Course: Python Programming

Lisa Johansen

"Trainer, Richard was very good."

Course: The Compliance and MLRO Refresher Programme

Lingmin Cao

"Many examples made me easy to understand. "

Course: Python Programming


"I mostly liked the all the in code examples."

Course: Node.js for JavaScript Developers


"The code exercises were good and engaging. "

Course: Node.js for JavaScript Developers


"I really liked creating the Connect middle ware."

Course: Node.js for JavaScript Developers