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Code Name Duration Overview
exceldataanal Excel Data Analysis 14 hours
pptfinance Creating Slide Decks for the Financial World 7 hours This course will give you the knowledge about how to present finance information (numbers) in PowerPoint and not just the presentations skills itself. You will be able to present finance information in more professional way.
advpp Advanced Slide Design in PowerPoint 7 hours This course is aimed at anyone wanting to work more efficiently in PowerPoint when creating slides and to learn the basics of presenting them.
vbaexceladv Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Excel - Advanced 21 hours The course reveals the secrets of effective writing advanced applications in VBA application MsExcel. After the course you can: Write an advanced object-oriented application Convert text files Use of external data sources Use external libraries
excelintro Excel Introduction 7 hours To introduce users to the main features of Microsoft Office Excel (2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016). The course is mainly 'hands on', so those attending will get practice in creating and modifying actual spreadsheets. Audience: Anyone looking to become familiar and productive in the use of Microsoft Excel (2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016).  
3306 Excel and VBA Programming for Audit and Finance Professionals 28 hours Please answer the following questions: Is your daily work in Excel is a never-ending string of commands copy-paste? Are you wasting time on repetition of similar operations to prepare the data for analysis? Do you know all the keyboard shortcuts in Excel, but you are not satisfied with the results? Rather than deal with data analysis and preparation of wasting time? Do you have to manually verify the correctness of such data obtained from different systems? Do you have to stay at work after hours or Excel to take books home because not doing during the day? Is Your job is to prepare reports based on a large data set? Do you feel that working in Excel, you come to a roundabout way of results? If you can answer YES to one of the questions then it's time stop this nightmare. This training is for you. Find out how you can speed up your daily operations and get most out of MS Excel. WARNING After the training, your life will change dramatically. Activities, which occupied the whole day will take just a few moments. Are you ready for this?
3165 Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Databases 14 hours The training is designed for people using Excel and VBA for access to the databases.
3164 Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for Analysts 21 hours The course is designed for users of Excel for creating analyzes and reports.
excelfin Financial analysis in Excel 14 hours During the training, will present the issues of financial analysis using the advanced features of Excel. This course is intended for financial analysts, accountants and all those who want to expand their skills spreadsheet with issues of financial analysis.
3112 Creating and delivering presentations in Power Point (social skills workshop) 14 hours Objective: Improving the ability to prepare an attractive PowerPoint presentation and self-voicing her Addressees: Sales representatives, consultants, research and teaching staff, managers, teachers, corporate employees, SMEs and public institutions, for which the challenge is to stand in front of a group of people, say to them, arousing interest
3041 Access Advanced 21 hours The course participants will learn how to speed up the operation of the database, how to write advanced queries, create a convenient system of forms and reporting. The course introduces the participant to automate all operations using macros and VBA.
AccIntr Access - Data Base Designing 21 hours The course participants will learn how to design a database and how to adapt it to work with the end user.
3024 Working with spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel 14 hours The course participants will be able to efficiently perform a variety of calculations in a transparent way to arrange and present their results, use multiple mechanisms to facilitate and accelerate the creation of spreadsheets, as well as protect the calculations and their results against unauthorized persons
2370 Access VBA 21 hours
advppst Advanced PowerPoint for sales teams 7 hours The course is dedicated to sales teams. It focuses on leveraging PowerPoint's functions that aid in the sales process, ie. how to show data effectively, how not to over-clutter slides and what to focus on in a sales deck.
ExcelAdv Excel Advanced 21 hours The course participants will be able to efficiently use primarily data analysis tools such as scenarios and pivot tables, use the features to perform calculations on dates and text-processing functions, and create and adapt to the needs of macros to automate work with spreadsheets.
msproj1 Project Management with Microsoft Project 14 hours The course participants will learn how to skillfully use the Microsoft Project to create a schedule of tasks, manage resources and monitor the implementation of the various stages of the project.

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