Course Outline


  • Basic information about the program
  • Construction of the main window
  • Operations on workbooks (notebooks) and sheets

Entering and modifying data in spreadsheet cells

Formatting data

  • Determining how to display different types of data and calculation results (eg, dates, amounts, percentages or fractions)
  • Determining the edge and the background of the cells
  • Formatting row and column titles
  • Using Styles


  • Moving up in large sheets
  • Parallel work on multiple spreadsheets / workbooks

Copying and moving data

  • Select areas (cell ranges)
  • Moving data
  • Paste Special 
  • Autofill cell strings (series) of data (for example, order numbers and dates of the next working day)

Formula, addresses and cell names

  • Create, modify and copy formulas
  • Circular references
  • Conditional formatting
  • The address types and their use
  • References to other worksheets and workbooks
  • Using cell names


  • General rules for using the function
  • Frequently used functions
  • Nesting functions
  • Using the conditional
  • The Function Wizard


  • The main chart types and their use
  • General principles for creating compelling charts
  • Creating Charts.
  • Components of graphs and their modification
  • Create your own chart types


  • A basic understanding of computers


  • Data Analysts
  14 Hours


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