Creating and managing Web sites

  35 hours

PHP 8 for Developers

  14 hours

Developing Websites with PHP

  14 hours

PHP Websites Optimization

  7 hours

PHP Patterns and Refactoring

  21 hours

Getting Started with ThinkPHP

  21 hours

Advanced PHP Programming

  35 hours

Design Patterns in PHP

  14 hours

PHP 7: Building High-Performance Web Applications

  7 hours

Web Application Development in PHP

  21 hours

Website Development in PHP

  21 hours

Advanced PHP and Secure Coding Course

  35 hours

Behat: Behavior Driven Development (BDD) with PHP

  14 hours

Continuous Integration (CI) for PHP

  14 hours

Combined JAVA, PHP and Web Application Security

  28 hours

Secure coding in PHP

  21 hours

IoT Programming with PHP

  14 hours

Building Microservices with Lumen PHP Framework

  14 hours

Magento 2: Theme Development

  14 hours

PHP with React

  14 hours

PHP for Wordpress

  21 hours

RabbitMQ with PHP

  14 hours

Web Development with Symfony3

  28 hours

Develop Web Applications with PHP and Yii 2

  14 hours

The interaction and enthusiasm he had about the training.

Richard Burgos [Design Patterns in PHP]

The New content I learned.

Victor Cayetano [Design Patterns in PHP]

I mostly was benefit from the exercise.

Jason Wu [Design Patterns in PHP]

I like the support of the trainer and the topics. I came in with a mindset thinking this will be nothing new that I haven't done. But I was surprised of what all I have learned throughout this course. Thank you.

Jorgen Ordonez [Design Patterns in PHP]

I like the Doctrine concept in Symphony taken by the trainer. The trainer is more energetic and make the sessions more interactive. I think it is a great capability of the trainer.

Kumaran Chandran [Web Development with Symfony3]

I liked the trainer's communication & knowledge in Symphony 3 and associated technologies. He had taken enough effort to teach and demonstrate with some examples in the respective topics. I can say my symphony knowledge and confidence level is gone up after this training.

Hari Kumar [Web Development with Symfony3]

Abhinav did an excellent job! Within four days he covered all the important concepts that are used in REAL software development. I am so thankful have him as our trainer!.

Vijay Joseph [Web Development with Symfony3]

Tailored specifically to my needs and lots of Rural examples.

Catherine Redfern [Developing Websites with PHP]

I mostly was benefit from the hands-on examples.

Trading Point of Financial Instruments (XM [Secure coding in PHP]

The subject of the course was very interesting and gave us many ideas.

Anastasios Manios [Secure coding in PHP]

I generally enjoyed the interaction.

Andreas Hadjidemetris [Secure coding in PHP]

Most of the known subjects related with secure coding covered and explained well Nice presentations Easy to watch, not boring.

Trading Point of Financial Instruments (XM [Secure coding in PHP]

The way and its approach on each different section.

Trading Point of Financial Instruments (XM [Secure coding in PHP]

The trainer has very good communication skills and can easily get & hold audience's attention. He can explain the matter in a very easy and detailed way so that each person can understand it.

Trading Point of Financial Instruments (XM [Secure coding in PHP]

All topics were well covered and presented with a lot of examples. Ahmed was very efficient and managed to keep us focused and attracted at all times.

Kostas Bastas [Secure coding in PHP]

Everything! I didn't have any experience with Secure Coding and the whole training was interesting and helpful.

Trading Point of Financial Instruments (XM [Secure coding in PHP]

I genuinely enjoyed the real life examples.

Marios Prokopiou [Secure coding in PHP]

I loved the delivery from the trainer's side. Very enthusiastic and made the training really pleasant and interesting. Also, very clear about the content he was delivering.

Trading Point of Financial Instruments (XM [Secure coding in PHP]

Trainer's enthusiasm around the subject

Matthew Fowles - AGRO Merchants Whitchurch Limited [Web Application Development in PHP]

Relaxed atmosphere where all questions welcome and answered knowledgably.

- AGRO Merchants Whitchurch Limited [Web Application Development in PHP]

Practical exercises related to the context

Guillaume Martens [Web Development with Symfony3]

Personal assistance when I had technical problems :)

Elena Rouvier [Web Development with Symfony3]

humor, availability to answer other types of questions

koen depoorter [Web Development with Symfony3]


Andrzej Żuryński [Tworzenie aplikacji internetowych w języku PHP]

Trainer attitude. Openness, very extensive knowledge, patience.

Kuba Wlaźlak [Tworzenie i zarządzanie stronami WWW]

New tools

Media4U Sp. z o.o. [Wzorce i refaktoryzacja w PHP]

Environment prepared for training

Piotr Kozłowski [Wzorce i refaktoryzacja w PHP]

Trainer's knowledge, professionalism, preparation, atmosphere. Thank you NobleProg and Ms. Paulina Hodur once again for a great organization, a professional trainer (greatly prepared for the subject of the training). The training organized by this company is a guarantee of satisfaction, I will always recommend it to everyone. I also hope that I will be able to participate once more :)

Sebastian Straczyński [Wzorce projektowe w języku PHP]

practical examples

Extranet internet creator [Web Development with Symfony3]

Knowledge the trainer had. He had the opportunity to provide a large amount of information, however, for a limited time and too many issues that had to be addressed, it was not possible to transfer it

Extranet internet creator [Web Development with Symfony3]

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