Course Outline

Excel basics

• Styles creation and modification

Creating formulas

• Logical functions
• Mathematical functions
• Search Functions

Organizing the data in the spreadsheet

• Create custom sort lists
• Data consolidation
• Creating outlines
• Page break
• Printable version

Create a PivotTable

• Basic information about pivot tables
• Overview of pivot table report fields
• Create a pivot table report from a list of data
• Change the pivot table layout
• Field filtering
• Changing the calculation type of a data field
• Grouping pivot table data items
• Entering an additional calculation into the data area
• Adding a calculated field
• Adding a calculated item
• Retrieving values from a PivotTable report

Creating charts and pivot charts

• Create PivotCharts
• Changing the chart type
• Create custom chart types
• Adding a trend line to a chart
• Adding new values and changing data for the graph
• Data series and their modification in charts
• Highlighting chart elements
• Data visualization on charts - data series manipulation
• Creating a Pivot Chart from information retrieved from an external database
• Changing the layout of a PivotChart
• Changing the type of PivotChart
• PivotChart field filtering
• Grouping elements of a PivotChart box
• Adding a data table to a PivotChart

Data processing in a spreadsheet

• Conditional formatting
• Custom cell formatting - creating a mask
• Custom conditional formatting
• Summarizing data using subtotals
• Creating scenarios
• Data validation
• Create custom cell formats
• Create your own number formats

Processing information from external data sources

• Import from an Excel file
• Import from csv file
• Import from the website
• Import from a folder

Creating interactive dashboards - Case study


Knowledge of Windows and MS Excel basics

  14 Hours


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