Course Outline


Theoretical Science of Data Analysis

  • The principles of data analysis
  • Objectives of data analysis
  • Approaches for data analysis

Excel and Data Science

  • Data consistency
  • Data types used in Excel

Overview of Power BI

  • Processes and Power products used in Power BI

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring Excel
  • Installing and configuring Power BI

Business Data Analysis in Excel

  • Inserting and working with PivotCharts
  • Inserting and working with PowerPivots
  • Mail merging
  • Linking and duplicating sheets
  • Freezing panes
  • Splitting windows
  • Using conditional formatting
  • Creating a named range
  • Using Execel Web Query
  • Working with Power Excel functions

Power BI and Excel Integration

  • Importing data from Excel to Power BI with Power View
  • Incorporating Excel into the Power BI Portal

Cleaning Data in Power BI

  • Cleaning up cross tab data with unPivot
  • Cleaning up multiple cross tab data
  • Combining data from multiple tabs and sheets

Databases and Reports in Power BI

  • Using relationships to eliminate VLOOKUP
  • Creating calculated columns
  • Creating a custom date table
  • Working with reports and visuals
  • Filtering reports and viewing data
  • Publishing the report to Power BI Portal

DAX and Power BI

  • Adding calculated columns
  • Text grouping
  • Using Bin Analysis
  • Adding measures
  • Comparing past and current data

Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of the basics in Excel.


  • Data Analysts
  7 Hours


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