Course Outline


  • What are styles
  • Division of styles
  • Create, use, modify, and delete styles
  • Basic Formatting text document
  • Format titles
  • Useful and frequently used paragraph styles and character
  • Copy styles between documents
  • Transparency and aesthetics of the text

Merge [option]

  • Preparation of the data source
  • Preparation of the reference document
  • Generation of result documents
  • Print addresses on envelopes

Inserting graphics into a document

  • Inserting files
  • WordArt, AutoShapes

Tables of contents and lists of objects

  • Insert, update and delete table of contents
  • Change the appearance (formatting) table of contents
  • Create lists of illustrations, tables, etc.


Creating Indexes property

Bookmarks and Links

  • Opportunities and practical application
  • Create and delete bookmarks
  • Insert links

Headers and footers to pages [option].

  • Applications, content and layout
  • Diversification headers and footers (for the first page
  • and for odd and even pages)
  • Insert frequently used items (such as automatic
  • page numbering and the title of the document)
  • Formatting the contents of headers and footers

The division of the document into sections

  • Features and application
  • Setting the beginning of the chapter on an odd page
  • Insert the document pages in landscape

Macros - automation tasks in sheets

  • Registration and the macro
  • Modifying macros
  • Examples of useful macros
  • Copying macros to other documents
  • Create your own toolbars
  • Attaching macros to toolbars


  • Create and modify
  • Templates location on the disk
  • Creating a document based on the template
  • Connecting to the document template

Other features of the program

  • Amendments mode (group work on the document)


Good knowledge of Word.

  14 Hours


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