Cassandra Administration

  14 hours

Apache Cassandra 4.0

  14 hours

Fundamentals of Cassandra DB

  21 hours

Cassandra for Developers

  21 hours

Cassandra for Developers - Bespoke

  21 hours

Trainer had good practical knowledge about using Cassandra day-to-day at least for development purposes. Catering (snacks, coffee hour) were great 3 days length was good.

Mika Linnanoja [Fundamentals of Cassandra DB]

Topics approached. Very complete.

Carlos Eloi Barros [Cassandra for Developers]

The last exercise was very good.

José Monteiro [Cassandra for Developers]

I already using and have an application in production with Cassandra so mostly of the topics i already know but the data modeling and advanced topics are a lot interesting.

Tiago Costa [Cassandra for Developers]

There was a lot of knowledge and material shared that will help me to do my current tasks.

Miguel Fernandes [Cassandra for Developers]

I liked the amount of exercises. We could immediately apply the knowledge shared and ensure the information was on point.

Joana Pereira [Cassandra for Developers]

I liked all technical explanation and theoretical introduction.

André Santos [Cassandra for Developers]

I enjoyed the very good explanations with in depth examples.

Rui Magalhaes [Cassandra for Developers]

The practical exercises and examples of implementing examples of real models and contexts.

Leandro Gomes [Cassandra for Developers]

The 1:1 style meant the training was tailored to my individual needs.

Andy McGuigan [Cassandra Administration]

Gives a good overview of Cassandra. Especially the virtual box training environment is nice also for later use.

Swisscom AG [Cassandra Administration]

I liked the good knowledge of base subject, thanks. Clear presentation.

AXWAY INC [Cassandra Administration]

In my opinion the best thing at this training was the application part.

Oberthur Technologies SRL [Fundamentals of Cassandra DB]

I liked the practice + trainer experience with this database.

Iorga Alexandru - Oberthur Technologies SRL [Fundamentals of Cassandra DB]

I genuinely enjoyed the practical exercise.

Oberthur Technologies SRL [Fundamentals of Cassandra DB]

We did a lot of exercises.

Oberthur Technologies SRL [Fundamentals of Cassandra DB]

I really enjoyed the practical part.

- Axway [Cassandra Administration]

I was benefit from the trainers' passion and deep knowledge of Cassandra.

- Axway [Cassandra Administration]

Extensive knowledge of NoSQL environments, not only Cassandra (ex: HADOOP)

Stefan Marcoci - Vidéotron ltée [Cassandra Administration]

Julien BOREL - Merim Digital Media [Cassandra Administration]

General Logistics Systems Poland Sp. z o.o. [Cassandra Administration]

Other regions in the UAE