Course Outline


  • Overview of Adobe Illustrator advanced features
  • Illustrator Essentials tools and techniques
  • Advanced keyboard shortcuts


  • Tracing a sketch or image
  • Using the Curvature tool
  • Advanced pen tool

Color Mastery

  • Color themes and guides
  • Recolouring artwork
  • Using gradient mesh
  • Blending images with background
  • Gradient strokes and color mixes
  • Doutone image effect
  • Advanced repeating pattern swatches

Advanced Typography

  • Exploring fonts combinations
  • Customizing fonts
  • Combining texts and shapes
  • Using the touch type tool

Reshape, Transform, and Animate

  • Envelope distortions
  • Blending lines and 3D gradients
  • Extruded texts and shapes
  • Using the Puppet Warp tool
  • Creating an animated GIF

3D Effects, Lighting, and Materials

  • Creating 3D graphics, objects, and text effects
  • Creating semi-flat 3D icons and UI designs

Automating Tasks

  • Using the variables panel
  • Running scripts in Illustrator
  • Using the actions panel


Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic experience with Adobe Illustrator


  • Graphic designers
  • Illustrators
  14 Hours


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