Course Outline


Managing Space in Teradata

  • PERM Space
  • SPOOLSpace
  • TEMP Space

Understanding Different Types of Tables

  • Derived Table
  • Volatile Table
  • Global Temporary Table

Protecting Data in Teradata

  • RAID protection
  • Achieving and recovering data

Distributing Data in Teradata

  • Hashing Algorithm
  • Primary & secondary index in Teradata
  • Retrieving data using PI & NUPI
  • Retrieving data using USI & NUSI

Understanding Other Indexes in Teradata

  • PPI (Partition Primary Index)
  • MLPPI (Multi Level PPI)
  • Join Index
  • Sparse Index

Reading Explain Plan

  • Key words in Explain Plan

Teradata Join Strategies

  • Dealing with different types of Joins in SQL
  • Teradata SQL Performance Tuning
  • Optimization in Teradata

Using SQL in Teradata

  • Working with different Functions
    • String Functions
    • Format Functions
    • Cast Functions
    • Date Functions
    • Group & Aggregate Functions

Using Teradata Utilities

  • FastLoad
  • MultiLoad
  • FastExport
  • BTEQ
  • Pros & cons of each utility

Best Practices


Summary and Conclusion


  • Rich experience in using SQL.


  • Developers
  14 Hours


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