Course Outline


In Depth Alfresco

  • Deployment architecture and internal architecture
  • Alfresco Content Services vs Alfresco Process Services vs Alfredo Governance Services

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM)

  • Document management features, collaboration, and workflows
  • Alfresco Share overview

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring Alfresco
  • Installing and configuring Solr
  • Testing installations and configurations

Content Management

  • Working with folders
  • Working with files
  • Using shortcuts
  • Loading to the repository
  • Versioning files
  • Incorporating workflows
  • Using smart folders
  • Syncing content on the cloud
  • Using the bulk import tool

Collaboration and Sharing

  • Creating a site
  • Working with a site
  • Sharing using sites
  • Customizing sites

Domain Classification

  • Designing a content model
  • Creating and using a content model
  • Implementing a content model
  • Using model manager
  • Searching on custom types

Configuration and Directories

  • Configuring a repository
  • Configuring an interface
  • Setting up a directory server
  • Setting up an SMTP server

System Administration (Optional)

  • Managing users, groups, and sites
  • Creating a folder structure template and node template
  • Working with folder rules
  • Using the Replication Service
  • Managing archived content
  • Rebuilding a search index

Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience managing content within an organization


  • Content Managers
 14 Hours