Course Outline


  • Overview of ARCore features and components
  • Understanding AR UX design guidelines

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and enabling ARCore
  • Configuring an ARCore session
  • Setting up an ARCore supported device

Building AR Apps

  • Designing user interactions
  • Importing 3D assets
  • Placing anchor points
  • Creating content with Sceneform

Running AR Apps Simulations

  • Setting up Android emulator
  • Using debugging tools
  • Recording an ARCore session
  • Adding custom data

Enhancing Existing Apps

  • Using Instant Placement API
  • Developing apps with Depth API
  • Transforming scenes with light estimation
  • Creating augmented images
  • Enabling cloud anchors
  • Implementing augmented faces


Summary and Next Steps


  • An understanding of augmented reality
  • Experience with Android development


  • Developers
  14 Hours


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