Course Outline


  • Basic ECU architecture vs AUTOSAR compliant architecture

Elementary Components of AUTOSAR Architecture for ECU Software

  • Functional software (SWC), Run-Time environment (RTE), Basic software (BSW)

Overview of AUTOSAR Diagnostic Modules

  • Diagnostic Communication Manager  (DCM),  Diagnostic Event Manager (DEM),  Function Inhibition Manger (FIM)

How DCM  (communications) and DEM (fault memory) Modules Handle Diagnostics

  • Events classification and storage
  • Handling diagnostic information for different operation cycles

Accessing Basic Software (BSW) Services through AUTOSAR

  • Client-server and sender-receiver communication

Configuring Diagnostic Basic Software

  • Configuring block parameters to select a DEM service operation

Configuration Data Formats

  • ODX format (Open Diagnostic Data Exchange)

Synchronizing the Autosar Software Component Model

  • AUTOSAR client-service interfaces, operations, and ports

Enhanced Diagnostics

Summary and Conclusion


  • Basic Embedded System Knowledge
  • Experience with Autosar programming


  • Developers and engineers

This course can only be delivered using customer software licenses.

 7 Hours