Course Outline


Introduction and Cloud Architecture

  • Define cloud computing
  • Cloud computing stack components
  • Cloud reference model and security

Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing

  • Understand the components of cloud infrastructure
  • Assess security implications of deployment models
  • Advantages and disadvantages of virtual
  • Cloud management plane
  • Different service models security basics

Managing cloud computing security and risk

  • Risk and governance
  • Legal and compliance
  • Audit
  • Portability and interoperability
  • Incident response

Data security for cloud

  • Different cloud storage models
  • Security issues for data in cloud
  • Address cloud security and governance
  • Apply lifecycle to use cases
  • Discuss data encryption

Securing applications and users

  • Application architecture design and operations lifecycle
  • Discuss impact on SDLC
  • Examine application security tools
  • Discuss role of compliance in Cloud

Cloud Risk assessment

  • Adopt cloud computing
  • Migrate existing apps and systems

Create and secure a public cloud

  • Understand public IaaS architectures
  • Review EC2 components
  • Launch and connect to your first instance
  • Learn how to secure your instance


Encrypting an EBS volume

  • Why encrypt
  • Select a method
  • Create and attach Amazon EBS
  • Encrypt and format
  • Understand key management options
  • Understand effects of rebooting
  • Attach encrypted volume to another instance

Identity and access management

  • Learn how to secure your EC2 with AWS IAM
  • Understand federated identity architectures
  • Implement federated identity for application using OpenID
  • How to apply same principles in an enterprise production environment

Deploy and secure a Private Cloud

  • Understand private cloud architecture
  • Review OpenStack components
  • Create and connect a compute node
  • Manage OpenStack tenants and IAM
  • Secure OpenStack management plane
  • Investigate hypervisor security
  • Understand security automation

Selecting Cloud services

  • Enabling security strategy
  • Selecting a cloud provider
  • Security as a service
  • Summary and review
 14 Hours

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