Course Outline

Introduction to ChatBots

Overview of Conversational Software

Building Your First Basic ChatBot

  • Setting Up Your ChatBot to Receive Text and Respond to Users
  • Adding the Basic Elements of Personality
  • Teaching Your ChatBot to Answer Basic Questions
  • Adding Variety to Your ChatBot's Responses
  • Making Your ChatBot Ask Questions
  • Building Rule-Based Systems for Parsing Text

Using Machine Learning to Turn Natural Language into Structured Data for Your ChatBot

  • Overview of SpaCy, Scikit-learn, and Rasa NLU
  • Installing and Configuring SpaCy, Scikit-learn, and Rasa NLU
  • Intents and Entities and their Classifications
  • Natural Language Processing Fundamentals Theory Refresher
  • Building Models from Real-World Sentences Using the ATIS Dataset

Building Your Virtual Assistant ChatBot

  • Overview of a Virtual Assistant
  • Working with SQL in Python
  • Teaching Your ChatBot to Access Data from a Database
  • Writing Queries from Parameters
  • Building a Database from Natural Language
  • Implementing Custom Virtual Assistant Features on Your ChatBot
    • Answering Specific Queries through Database Access
    • Refining Search, Performing Basic Negation, and Filtering Data

Making Your ChatBot Stateful: Keeping Track of States of Interaction for Better ChatBot Dialogs

  • Performing Basic Actions
  • Asking Contextual Questions and Queuing Answers
  • Dealing with Rejection

Testing and Deploying Your ChatBot


Summary and Conclusion


  • Python programming experience
  21 Hours


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