Course Outline


  • Beyond the AWS Management Console
  • Infrastructure as Code

Overview of AWS CloudFormation Features and Components

  • Parameters, mappings, resources, outputs, conditions, metadata, etc.

Getting Started with CloudFormation

  • Setting up AWS Accounts and Services
  • Operating the AWS CloudFormation CLI

Describing Infrastructure

  • Overview of YAML syntax
  • Writing a YAML template

Deploying Infrastructure

  • Initializing infrastructure (e.g., S3)
  • Bootstrapping EC2 instances
  • Customizing a Stack

Maintaining Infrastructure

  • Updating infrastructure (E.g., S3)
  • Deleting infrastructure (E.g., S3)
  • Troubleshooting

Summary and Conclusion


  • Linux command line experience
  • General familiarity with AWS


  • System administrators
  • DevOps engineers
  7 Hours


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