Course Outline


  • Overview of Digital Twin
  • Digital Twin uses and benefits

Fundamentals of Digital Twin

  • Real-time usage of Digital Twin
  • Basic concepts of Digital Twin
  • Pairing evolution
  • Timeline of Digital Twin
  • Terminologies

Digital Thread and Shadow

  • Digital thread
  • Digital Shadow

Building Blocks

  • Digital Twin building blocks
  • Technology drivers and enablers

Types of Digital Twin

  • Product, Process-based
  • Functionality-based
  • Maturity-based

Digital Twin Platform and Middleware

  • Digital Twin platform characteristics
  • Organizational impact
  • Implementation barriers
  • Middleware layered architecture
  • Middleware services

Digital Twin Adoption

  • Digital Twin adoption strategy
  • Digital Twin blueprint
  • Adoption questionnaire

Development and Management

  • Overview of data and model
  • Modeling environment
  • Managing data and models

Life Cycle and Use Cases

  • Digital Twin product life cycle
  • Reviewing use cases
  • Digital Twin maintenance

Future of Digital Twin

  • Companies and careers in Digital Twin
  • Benefits of Digital Twin in the industry
  • Industrial possibilities of Digital twin

Summary and Next Steps


  • No prerequisites required


  • Data scientists
  • IT professionals
  • Anyone who wants to learn and use Digital Twin
  14 Hours

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