Course Outline


  • What is eCommerce fraud?

History of eCommerce Fraud

  • Understanding eCommerce frauds which happened over the past decades.
  • Understanding eCommerce frauds which are known to be common today.

Types of eCommerce Fraud

  • True Fraud, Friendly Fraud, Phishing, Refund Fraud, Card Testing
  • eCommerce fraud statistics and examples

Preparing an Anti-Fraud Strategy

Assessing Your Organization's Situation

Addressing Different Areas of Fraud Prevention


Credit Card Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection Techniques

Managing Recurring Transactions

Fraud Screening

Communicating with Team and Getting Support for New Measures

Evaluating the Results

Adjusting to Changing Needs

Summary and Conclusion


  • Basic understanding of eCommerce and online payments


  • Managers in charge of implementing security policies and controls.
  14 Hours


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