Course Outline


  • Envoy Proxy vs NGINX and HAProxy

Setting up Envoy Proxy

Overview of Envoy Proxy Features and Architecture

How Cloud Load Balancers Work

Case Study: Envoy Proxy as a Front Proxy vs in a Service Mesh

Configuring Dynamic Routing

Securing Network Traffic

Building a Service Mesh using Envoy Proxy

Deploying and Managing Microservices in a Service Mesh

Detecting Microservice Errors

Migrating from NGINX to Envoy Proxy

Migrating from HAProxy to Envoy Proxy


Summary and Conclusion


  • An general understanding of microservices development and networking.
  • Experience with the Linux command line.


  • Developers
  • Cloud architects
  • DevOps engineers
  • Network engineers
  • Sys Admins
  14 Hours


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