Course Outline


Overview of Foreman/Katello Features and Architecture

  • Component versions
  • Foreman/Katello versus Red Hat Satellite
  • Deployment planning and considerations

Getting Started with Foreman/Katello

  • Foreman installation
  • Katello agent
  • Hammer configuration

Performing Content Management with Katello

  • Activation keys
  • Subscription management
  • Content views

Registering Existing Hosts

  • Manual and automated registrations
  • Existing system registration
  • Host control

Integrating with Puppet

  • Puppet basics
  • User management
  • Creating modules

Integrating an Identity Management System

  • Identity management system setup
  • External authentication

Provisioning New Systems

  • Host groups and parameters
  • Bare metal, cloud, and private virtualization provisioning
  • Provisioning new host from discovered host

Integrating with Kernel-Based Virtual Machines (KVM)

  • System virtualization and configuration
  • Provisioning a virtual machine

Monitoring Servers with Foreman

  • Dashboard configuration
  • Logging and reports


Summary and Conclusion


  • Knowledge of Linux operating system
  • Experience with systems management


  • System operators
  • System administrators
  28 Hours


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