Course Outline


  • Overview of Hasura features and architecture

Setting Up the Server

  • Choosing a deployment option
  • Deploying on Hasura Cloud

Managing Data

  • Modeling data
  • Building a GraphQL query
  • Creating database tables
  • Sorting, filtering, and searching data
  • Creating items and relations
  • Using variables in GraphQL queries

Configuring Authentication in Hasura

  • Authenticating with JWT and Firebase REST API
  • Setting up role-based access
  • Adding anonymous role
  • Enabling webhook authentication

Implementing Custom Business Logic

  • Setting up Firebase cloud functions
  • Creating event triggers and logic
  • Adding actions, relations, and remote schema

Migrating Databases and Metadata

  • Setting up migrations
  • Exporting and importing metadata
  • Syncing migrations and metadata
  • Seeding data migrations
  • Rolling back changes and resetting migrations


Summary and Next Steps


  • Experience with database management
  • Familiarity with GraphQL


  • Database administrators
  • Developers
  14 Hours

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