Course Outline


  • Advanced asset maintenance operation management

Overview of IBM Maximo

  • Features and Framework
  • Overview of the Asset Management Lifecycle
  • Overview of a typical workflow process

Installing and Configuring IBM Maximo

  • Evaluating Hosting Options
  • On-premise and public cloud (e.g., AWS)

Assets and Maintenance in an Organization

  • Understanding tasks, labor, materials and tools
  • Reviewing an organization's equipment, labor and resources
  • Rotating assets

Managing a Work Order

  • Identifying, planning, and scheduling
  • Assigning, executing, and completing
  • Performing work management transactions
  • Setting up nested job plans

Managing Purchases and Inventory

  • Setting up an asset catalog
  • Managing routes

Scheduling Maintenance

  • Creating Preventive Maintenance (PM) Records
  • Working with master PM, meter-based PM, etc.
  • Creating a Safety Plan

Advanced Searching and Querying

  • Working with equipment, location and work order hierarchy
  • Working with failure hierarchies
  • Advanced assets catalogs

Managing Labor

  • Managing external labor resources
  • Managing contracts

Analyzing Maintenance Work

  • Generating and managing Reports
  • Setting up condition-based monitoring


Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience working with enterprise applications.
  • Experience with asset management.
  • A general understanding of databases


  • System administrators
  • IT managers
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Procurement personnel
  • Inventory personnel
  • Asset managers
  • Work managers
  21 Hours

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