Course Outline


Overview of Kotlin

Setting Up the Tools

  • Using the Command Line Tools
  • Installing the JDK for Kotlin
  • Installing and Setting Up the IDE: IntelliJ
  • Installing the Plugins

Getting Started with Kotlin

  • Introduction to Basic Coding with Kotlin
  • Learning the Kotlin Architecture
  • Interacting with Kotlin Using the REPL
  • Creating Variables in Kotlin
  • Understanding the Different Data Types in Kotlin
  • Using Strings in Kotlin
  • Understanding Immutability in Kotlin
  • Implementing Expressions, Statements, and Assignments
  • Using Nullable Variables in Kotlin for Null Safety
  • Creating Your First Stand-Alone Kotlin Application

Implementing Conditional Statements in Kotlin

  • Handling Conditional Program Flow with "if" Statements
  • Handling Options Using "when" Statements
  • Exploring Kotlin's Advanced Capabilities for Conditional Statements
  • Generating Random Numbers Using Conditional Statements

Using Arrays and Lists in Kotlin

Implementing Looping Constructs in Kotlin

  • Coding "for" Loops
  • Coding "while" Loops
  • Implementing "break" Statements
  • Implementing "continue" Statements
  • Using "return" Statements
  • Using Loop Labels
  • Calculating Summation of Numbers Using Loops

Using Functions in Kotlin

  • Creating Functions
  • Declaring Functions
  • Using Parameters and Returning a Value
  • Using Extension Functions
  • Using Inline Functions
  • Using Higher-order Functions

Object-Oriented Programming with Kotlin

  • Overview of Progamming with Objects
  • Creating a Class
  • Adding Methods to Classes
  • Defining Basic Constructors
  • Using Named Parameters and Default Values
  • Using Open Classes to Allow Inheritance
  • Using Abstract Classes
  • Creating and Using Interfaces
  • Handling Overriding
  • Creating Data Classes
  • Using Singletons and Companion Objects
  • Using Enumerations
  • Grouping Classes into Packages
  • Using Imports
  • Implementing Information Hiding
  • Using Getters and Setters
  • Implementing Visibility Modifiers
  • Understanding Generics
  • Implementing a Generic Stack
  • Using Generic Functions

Using Different Number Systems

  • Using Hexadecimal Numbers
  • Using Binary Numbers
  • Using Bitwise Operators

Implementing Input and Output Functionalities

Using Java from Kotlin

Using Kotlin from Java

Using Spek for Testing


Summary and Conclusion


  • Basic computer literacy
  • No prior programming experience required
  21 Hours

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