Course Outline


ELM Language Overview

  • What is ELM?
  • ELM architecture

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring ELM

ELM Quick Start

  • Working with functions
  • Creating conditionals
  • Using and compiling files
  • Adding attributes

Web Development and User Interfaces

  • Rendering HTML and CSS
  • Working with user inputs
  • Improving application appearance
  • Using commands
  • Adding web sockets

Testing the Application

  • Testing with mock tests and unit tests

Debugging the Application

  • Refactoring code

Deploying the Application

  • Deploying to Herouko

Securing the Application

  • Adding OAuth 2.0


  • Troubleshooting errors

Summary and Conclusion


  • HTML and CSS programming experience


  • Software Engineers
  14 Hours


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