Course Outline


Magento Overview

  • An Introduction to Magento
  • The Benefits of Magento
  • Understanding the Basic Elements for Magento

Categories Management

  • Adding Root Categories
  • Adding Subcategories
  • Managing Categories
  • Working with Page Design

Attributes Management

  • What are Product Attributes
  • Creating an Attribute
  • Creating an Attribute Set
  • Assigning Attribute Set to Products
  • Managing Attribute Sets

Store Products

  • Adding a Simple Product
  • Adding a Configurable Product
  • Adding a Grouped Product
  • Adding Products to Categories

Inventory Configuration and Management

  • Configuring Inventory Settings
  • Managing Product Inventories

Order Management

  • Processing a Purchase Order
  • Checkout Process
  • Shipping Options and Delivery Tracking
  • Tracking Payment and Invoicing
  • Managing Customer Ratings and Review

Marketing Promotions

  • Product Catalog Pricing Rules
  • Shopping Cart Pricing Rules
  • Newsletters and Promotion emails

Customer Management

  • Manage and Group Customers
  • Manage Customer Groups


  • Types of Reports
  • Running and Generating Reports
  • Refreshing Sales Report Statistics

SEO Best Practices

  • Introduction to Metadata Fields
  • Sitemap Management
  • Catalog URL Management

Running and Managing Multiple Websites and Stores

  • Solutions for Running and Managing Multiple Websites and Stores
  • Best Practices for Running and Managing Multiple Websites and Stores

Closing Remarks


  • Basic knowledge of e-commerce
  • Basic computer usage experience


  • Merchants looking to set up a Magento store
  • Merchants looking to improve the management of their existing Magento store
  21 Hours


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