Course Outline


Installing and Configuring MobileFirst

Overview of MobileFirst Features and Architecture

  • MobileFirst Server
  • MobileFirst API
  • MobileFirst Studio
  • MobileFirst Console
  • MobileFirst Application Center

Overview of Hybrid Mobile Apps Development Components and Lifecycle

Navigating the MobileFirst Development Environment

Configuring the MobileFirst Server

Working with the Native API (Cordova)

Creating and Registering an App

Connecting to the MobileServer

Implementing UI Components and Application Skinning

Testing the App

Securing the Mobile App

Pushing Updates to End Users Apps

Administering and Monitoring Mobile Apps through MobileFirst Console

Sharing Mobile Apps within an Organization with MobileFirst Application Center

Integration with Version Source Control Systems


Summary and Conclusion


  • An general understanding of mobile application development
  • Experience with web application development (Javascript, HTML and CSS)
  21 Hours


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