Course Outline


  • Overview of Microsoft Teams features and functions

Getting Started

  • Installing MS Teams on desktop or mobile
  • Choosing between Live Event or Teams Meeting

Creating a Live Event

  • Setting up the event (Title, Location, Time, Details)
  • Adding producers and presenters
  • Choosing event permissions
  • Configuring engagement options (such as moderated Q&A)
  • Sharing attendee links through e-mails and meeting requests
  • Joining live events

Scheduling a Teams Meeting

  • Setting up the meeting using Calendar
  • Inviting people outside the organization
  • Creating a meeting through channels
  • Accepting and joining the event from Calendar

Facilitating the Meeting

  • Navigating the tools
  • Viewing and sharing screens
  • Sharing files in a meeting
  • Using a whiteboard
  • Taking meeting notes
  • Recording the meeting
  • Using breakout rooms

Making Meetings More Engaging

  • Using live reactions and emojis
  • Participating in discussions through chat
  • Enabling live captions and transcripts
  • Best practices and tips

Summary and Next Steps


  • Experience with hosting events or meetings


  • HR
  • Trainers
  • Event hosts
  7 Hours

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