Course Outline


  • Open edX vs Moodle

Overview of Open edX Component Architecture

Preparing the Development Environment

Installing and Configuring Open edX

Building a Component with XBlock

Adding External Content with LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability)

Interacting with the Core Platform Using Open edX ReST APIs

Building an Application

Testing and Debugging the Application

Internationalizing the Code

Authenticating Users

Developing a Custom JavaScript Application -- optional

Developing a Micro-frontend Application (MFE) with React -- optional

Deploying an Application to Production

Integrating a Desktop Application with Open edX

Integrating a Mobile Application with Open edX

Tracking, Monitoring and Analyzing Application Activity


Joining the Open edX Community

Summary and Conclusion


  • Python programming experience
  • Javascript programming experience -- Optional


  • Developes
  21 Hours

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