Course Outline


Overview of P4 Programming Features and Architecture

  • Function blocks and interfaces
  • Top-down control and design

Programming with the P4 Language

  • Protocol-independent switch architecture (PISA)
  • Language elements
  • Data types

Creating the Server

  • Host configuration
  • Basic forwarding
  • Basic tunneling

Configuring the P4 Software Switch

  • Building the P4 compiler
  • Installing the software switch

Compiling the P4 Program

  • Writing a P4 program over Ethernet packets
  • Software switch target

Executing the P4 Program

  • Starting the software switch
  • Ethernet interface configuration
  • CLI commands

Working with P4Runtime

  • Runtime control
  • Remote and local controls

Monitoring the Network

  • Explicit congestion notification (ECN)
  • Multi-route inspection


Summary and Conclusion


  • Basic understanding of software-defined networking
  • Experience in programming


  • Network engineers
  • Developers
  21 Hours


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