Course Outline


  • PostgreSQL vs MySQL vs Oracle
  • Overview of PostgreSQL 13 features and architecture

Getting Started

  • Setting up a database server
  • Installing PostgreSQL 13
  • Creating and accessing a database
  • SQL syntax, commands, and functions

Configuring a Postgres Database

  • Data definition, default values, and constraints
  • Setting up and modifying tables
  • Managing privileges and security policies
  • Creating database schemas
  • Implementing table inheritance and partitioning
  • Adding, updating, and querying data
  • Data types, functions, and operators
  • Using indexes and running full-text search
  • Understanding concurrency control

Managing a Database Server

  • Upgrading a PostgreSQL cluster
  • Securing the server and encrypting data
  • Configuring server parameters
  • Enabling client authentication
  • Setting up access roles and permissions
  • Managing multiple databases
  • Performing database maintenance tasks
  • Backing up and restoring data
  • Optimizing database performance and reliability
  • Monitoring database activity and disk usage
  • Implementing logical replication
  • Running regression tests

Client-Side Programming

  • Using the libpq C library   and large object interface
  • Executing embedded SQL statements
  • Exploring the information schema
  • Other PostgreSQL client applications

Server-Side Programming

  • Extending the SQL query language
  • Writing event trigger functions
  • Implementing rule systems
  • Using procedural languages (PLs)
  • Exploring TCL, Perl, and Python PLs
  • Executing server programming interfaces
  • Examples of logical decoding
  • Tracking replication progress


Summary and Next Steps


  • An understanding of RDBMS
  • Experience with SQL


  • System administrators
  • Developers
  21 Hours


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